Good Night Rest – 10 Tips For Sleeping In A Hotel

10 Tips For A Good Night Rest In A HotelWhen travelling outside the home, it’s important to get a good night rest. Without it most of us will not function at peak performance and other employees will definitely notice. If you find yourself yawning through the day, here are 10 tips for a good night rest when staying at a hotel.

10 Tips For A Good Night Rest At Hotels

1) Drink your last cup of coffee with your lunch and then avoid any caffeine drinks or products including chocolate, many teas and coca cola or pepsi. Many pops contain caffeine. Instead stay with water, milk or decaffeinated tea or coffee. For obvious reasons caffeine is a product you will not want to take late in the day if you want a good night rest.

2) If possible take a nice warm bath for at least 15 minutes before bed-time. It relaxes the muscles and starts the rest pattern for a good night sleep.

3) Turn off the television and your computer at least an hour before bed. Read a book or browse a magazine. Computer screens emit a glow that keeps the brain active and studies show that they can alter the body’s biological clock, suppressing the production of melatonin, a critical component needed for a good night rest. Make sure you go to bed at the same time as when you are at home. The same with getting up in the morning. Maintaining the same sleeping and waking routines as when at home, are important when travelling.

4) Keep a small pad of paper beside the bed. When trying to fall asleep if you recall something you want to remember for the next day, write it down. Once you have written it down it’s off your mind and you will have a good night rest without thinking about the next day’s task.

5) After dinner avoid many fluids to help ensure you don’t have to get up during the night. Avoid drinking alcohol late at night as well. Despite popular belief, drinking alcohol does not help a person sleep soundly.

6) During the day avoid catnaps. Short naps during the day make it more difficult to sleep soundly through the entire night.

7) Turn the temperature down in the room. A cooler room will help you have a good night rest. If your hotel room is noisy, you can turn on the TV and unplug or turn off the cable or satellite service. This will create a white noise like affect covering some of the noises of the room like door’s slamming in the hallway, water running in other rooms, people speaking loudly and other typical hotel noises. Turn the TV away from you or if it is in a cupboard close the doors. As well the remote may allow you to dim the brightness of the screen. Some people try turning on the radio in the room and select a position between stations so there is just white noise.

8) If you use the exercise facilities or the pool, try not to use them before sleeping. A better time is prior to dinner. Exercise is important when travelling but exercising too close to bed time will not help you get a good night rest.

9) Take clothespins with you so you can close the drapes securely, blocking out the early morning light. If the curtains are of poor quality or your room faces the early morning sun, ask for an extra blanket and use the clothespins to hang up the blanket on top of the existing drapes. Taking a wife roll of painter’s masking tape with you and use it to tape shut corners of the window where the drapes do not close tight enough to block the early morning light. Painter’s tape works very well but it does not mark walls or the drapes and is easily removed daily. I have found painter’s tape an excellent aid in a good night rest.

10) Upon entering the room make sure the bed mattress is comfortable. If not call down to the front desk immediately and ask to be moved to another room. It’s important to check right away before the hotel fills up and no additional rooms are available. The bed mattress is a priority for a good night rest when staying at a hotel and remember watch for bed bugs.

Good Night Rest is underrated in Hotel Stays

Many people fail to understand the importance of a good night rest in a Hotel.

1 Extra Tip For A Good Night Rest

While there is a lot of controversy today over the abuse of water by hotels, when travelling for business, if staying longer than one night, you will be amazed at what a good night rest you will get by having the bed linens changed each day. Most hotels will not change the linens until you have stayed a week but you can ask for them to be changed daily and tip accordingly.

Getting a good night rest when travelling and staying away from home is a priority for a successful trip and/or meetings. I have used all of these tips when travelling and after more than 30 years of staying at hotels in countries around the world I know they make a difference. The value of a good night rest when travelling is under estimated by many employees.

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