Good Night Rest – 10 Tips For Online Discount Hotel Booking

10 Tips For A Good Night RestWhen travelling it is imperative to get a good night rest. Hotels around the world differ immensely in quality of room, level of service, thickness of walls, age, location and more making travel sleep a difficult commodity to get. Being tired and not alert is noticeable to fellow workers or when making a presentation.

There is nothing worse than making a presentation and yawning every 5 or 10 minutes. A good night rest ranks as a top priority when travelling, and your choice of hotels can impact the amount of travel sleep you are going to get.

For many people they like to use the discount online hotel booking companies to save a considerable amount when reserving a hotel room. The problem is, there are no agents to talk to who actually know the hotel and when you want a good night rest, booking online can work against you.

I have done a lot of travelling over the years and here are my top 10e tip for getting a good night rest when booking through a discount online service.

Good Night Rest 10 Tips:

A) Good Night Rest Tips When Booking Through An Online Service (or On-Line Discount)

The secret to getting a good night rest when booking through a discount online service is knowing what the hotel is like before making the booking. When using an online booking service such as, travelocity or expedia BEFORE booking the room, call the hotel directly and ask these 10 questions:

Good night rest is underestimated by a lot of travellers

When booking a hotel through an online discounter there are many pitfalls to getting a good night rest.

1) Is the hotel currently being renovated. If it is, forget the hotel. You want peace and quiet to get a good night rest and often workers start at 6 AM and can work into the evening hours.

2) If the hotel has been renovated recently ask if  all floors or just some. You want to be on the renovated floors but only if it has been completed in the last 6 months. If it is brand new everything will have smells, the flooring, paints, rugs, glues for counter tops, caulking and lots more which will not assist a good night rest. If the hotel has been recently renovated completely ask if All the mattresses were newly upgraded.

3) When you need a good night rest you must know if there is a restaurant or a nighttime bar within the hotel. If so what floor is it on and do they have live music. If they do when does the bar/restaurant close. Make sure you book a room higher up and away from the bar.

4) How many floors are there to the hotel. The higher the hotel, the better the chance to rise above the noise level which will help with a good night rest.

5) Are icemakers on every floor? If not, this is excellent since fewer ice makers means fewer chances you will be situated near one. Again noise is the worst culprit in not getting a good night rest.

6) How is the room heated or airconditioned. Room or wall airconditioners are the worst. Noise levels are incredibly high. It will be very hard to get a good night rest in this type of room. If the room is central heated/cooled then the noise levels will be lower. If the room is centrally heated/cooled is there a thermostat in the room allowing you to control the temperature settings. This is the most ideal situation for a good night rest.

7) Is there a refrigerator in all the rooms? If there is you want to know if the refrigerator is inside a cupboard or sits out open in the room. A small fridge in a cupboard is quieter and again will assist in a good night rest. If you do not need the refrigerator make sure it can easily be unplugged.

8) Is there a banquet hall in the hotel you are staying at. If there is then what floor is it on. Hopefully it is in the basement or normally the first floor. Are there any functions such as a wedding planned during your stay. Book as far away from any events as possible.

9) After booking through the discounter, call the hotel a few days later and see if they can upgrade your room at no cost to you or if they can move you to a higher floor. If not, check in early and ask for a room higher up with a newer mattress. Once inside the room check for noise levels and mattress comfort. If they are unsuitable tell the front clerk immediately so you can be moved to another room.

10) Check the hotel on google maps, mapquest or such sites to find where it is. Most online bookings have direct links to mapping. If it is located on a major traffic route or in the core of a city, make sure to ask for a room at the back of the hotel and higher up. Explain you are a light sleeper and need as quiet a room as possible for a good night rest.

Good Night Rest – Conclusion

You can see from the above questions that you should be concerned about the quality of the room, the mattress, hotel location and noise level. Once you have asked the above questions you can then narrow down the hotels you would consider. Remember to check in early and inspect your hotel room, mattress and noise levels.

Ask for an upgrade. All they can say is no. Explain that you need a good night rest because of the important meeting, presentation or event you have to attend or host. Many hotels will try to be accommodating, especially for frequent travellers.

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I hope these 10 tips will help readers get a good night rest when booking through an online discount hotel service.

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